VRA 2017

Annual scientific conference 2017 took place in two days with scientific sessions on the topic of rheumatoid arthritis, joint degeneration, arthropathy and negative seronegative concentrated on May 13. In addition to reports from home and abroad rheumatoid arthritis, the conference also heard presentations from colleagues in other fields such as orthopedics, rehabilitation, nutrition …
On May 14th, the conference will launch the debut session of Vietnam’s young rheumatologists’ club. The club is a collection of rheumatologists under the age of 40 who work in the field of rheumatology or related sutures.
On 14th of May, the conference conducted a continuous training program on ultrasonography in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatism with theoretical lectures and computerized practice on the topic of articulation. This is a continuous training program of the Vietnam Rheumatology Association conducted regularly at specific times or integrated into the program of the Association annual meeting

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