To: Members of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Rheumatology Association  


Based on the unification of the cooperation and support of the global pharmaceutical company Pfizer with Vietnam Rheumatology Association (VRA), represented by Prof. PhD. Tran Ngoc An, Chairman of the Association, CME training program of the Vietnam Rheumatology Association (VRA) will be implemented in 4 locations, spread across the country (Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, HCMC and Can Tho) with a unified content discussing a number of important and current issues of Rheumatology

A/Prof.PhD. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan and A/Prof. Le Anh Thu are responsible for all four locations and the members of the Executive Board are also involved in and match their capacity, transport and conditions of each location (in Thai Nguyen and Can Tho, with support from teachers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City)

The program will be conducted on 23/12/2017 in Thai Nguyen, ngày 6/1/2018 in Ha Noi, ngày 13/1/2018 in HCM city và 14/1/2018in Can Tho.

Chương trình dự kiến cho các khóa đào tạo liên tục

Number Lesson Time


1 Opening 07h30 – 7h40 Representative of VRA
2 Pretest 07h40 – 8h10
3 Update on diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis 08h10 – 9h10
4 Update on diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis 09h10 – 10h10  


Breaks 10h10 – 10h25
6 The role of NSAIDs in musculoskeletal disease. Updates on new safety information on the gastrointestinal and cardiovascular system of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs 10h25 – 11h30
 Lunch break 11h30 – 13h30
7 Joint techniques


Use of topical corticosteroid in Rheumatology (General principles, indications, contraindications, tecniques).

13h30 – 14h30




Breaks 14h30 – 14h45
8 Practice on models: knee, shoulder, hand, hip and elbow joints

– Divide into 5 groups

– The groups will change the model

14h45 – 16h30


9 Post test 16h30 – 17h00
10 Summarize 17h00 – 17h10 Representative of VRA

–  Participants: 100 – 120 participants each programe.

– Includes: Rheumatologist, General internal medicine, Geriatrician, Orthopedist doctors.

– Certificate issued by the Vietnam General Medical Association in conjunction with the Vietnam Rheumatology Association


The Executive Board of the Vietnam Rheumatology Association is pleased to receive the enthusiastic participation of the Education Board, members and colleagues.

Chairman of the Vietnam Rheumatology Association

Prof. PhD. Tran Ngoc An

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